A Mother’s Prayer Nanny Service is a professional in-home care agency that is committed to helping families find the perfect fit that will bring them the peace of mind we all desire.  We believe a family’s most treasured possessions are those they love and care for.  We understand the complexity in finding the best options for in-home care since we have personally experienced this task ourselves. We are passionate about families obtaining the perfect fit when it comes to in-home care for their loved ones.  Our mission is to seek out those special caregivers whose passion is to work with children and elderly adults simply because they have a true desire to do so.  Since it is our passion to serve families, we search for committed caregivers whose experience and professional training affords them the ability to provide quality service.   Our goal is to bring families and caregivers together, creating successful unions a family would be elated with.   AMP strives to place only the caregivers we ourselves would be satisfied with.  We are equally passionate about serving families who have children with disabilities.

A Mother’s Prayer Nanny Service is good at going the extra mile to make sure your need is met.  Owner, Jacqueline Williams has done so for more than 20 years.  When she was raising her own three children (now adults), it was always her heart’s desire that they would be met with compassionate care and always be safe when in the care of others.  As a single parent, this was her number one concern.  As a single parent it became a necessity that she worked hard at seeking out trustworthy care for her three young ones.  Eventually, she found herself naturally understanding the complexities of finding quality in-home care and became willing to provide free care and chore services for others, simply because she understood the need.  This soon turned into a passion and an unending desire to truly help families.  Much later in life, after caring for her aging parents, Jacqueline quickly came to understand the complexities of caring for the elderly population as well.  Jacqueline also has numerous years of experience working with families who have children with disabilities.  This is how A Mother’s Prayer was born.  It was born out of an understanding of how complex running one’s household can be and having a passion for providing the solutions to help families gain peace of mind as they care for their loved ones.