There are three costs when hiring a caregiver through AMP Nannies. 

  • Registration Fee- starts AMP Nannies’ search for your caregiver.
  • Placement Fee- is paid to AMP Nannies (by the client) after a selection of a caregiver has be made by the client. 
  • Caregiver Salary- is paid by the client directly to the caregiver for their for hourly service. (See our Suggested Salaries page for help when determining your caregiver’s salary.)


Permanent Registration Fee (Full-time & Part-time)     $150

Temporary/On-Call Registration Fee                                   $125


“Permanent” is any placement intended to last more than three months

“Temporary” is any placement intended to last three months or less


*Registration Fee is non-refundable and will be applied to the placement fee

**Registration Fee for all services due before provider can be selected



Placement fee for all services due upon hiring of provider.

Permanent Nanny Placements

Full-Time Nanny (Live-in)                     $2,350

Full-Time Nanny (Live-out)                  $2,250

Part-Time Nanny                                       $1,050


“Full-Time” is any position where the employee works or is expected to work more than 20 hours per week. 

“Part-Time” is any position where the employee works or is expected to work 20 or fewer hours per week. 

Replacement Policy

If for any reason, you are not pleased with your caregiver, or your arrangement must end, we have a 4-month guarantee policy. We will replace your caregiver for free during this period (only applies to permanent placements).  Only one free replacement caregiver will be provided under guarantee, special  circumstances will be taken into consideration.

Temporary Nanny Placements

3 Month Short-term Nanny                     $600

Weekly Nanny                                               $50

Daily Nanny                                                   $30

Summer Nanny (May – Aug)                  $350

Temporary On-Call Childcare Placements

Hourly Babysitting                                      $5

Nightly Overnight Childcare                    $40

Weekly Overnight Childcare                    $65

Daily 24 Hour Childcare                            $40

Weekly 24 Hour Childcare                        $65

On-Call (Backup) Care:

Daily                                                            $30

Weekly                                                        $50


“On Call” is same day or next day service. 

3-hour minimum

Over 2 children add $2 per hour

Add $2 for each additional child to placement fee.

There is no additional registration fee charged for families who are already registered for permanent placement.

Client agrees to use correct plan for service needed; any deviation will result in charge; Client may although, pay a change fee of $35 if notification is given within 48hrs.

Add an additional $10 to placement fees for special needs.

Special Temporary Childcare Placements

Weekend/Holiday Childcare                     $2/hr; $10/day Additional

Special Needs Care                                        $2/hr; $10/day Additional


Holiday rates will be applied for: Good Friday, Memorial Day, and July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas , the day after Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

There is an additional $10 fee for weekend and holiday care, when holiday falls on Monday.


*$30 cancellation fee for placements cancelled under 24 hours

**$35 change fee for any deviation from agreed services (if notification is given within 48hrs)

Elderly Care Placements

Base Rate                                                        $25.50/hr


Background/Investigative Services

Additional Background Checks            $50/check

Background Screening Packages:

Standard                                                $150

Deluxe                                                     $180


Additional background check rate is only for registered clients in the active search process


Other Support Services (Contact for Quote)

  • Housecleaning
  • Pet Care
  • Personal/Home Assistant
  • Event Coordinating
  • Investigative Services


Suggested Salaries

AMP is not a party to any agreement made between Client and a Candidate.  Client understands and agrees that the Candidate’s work schedule, compensation, and the method, manner and means of employment, and any other terms and conditions of employment, will be determined by Client and the Candidate.  AMP will not be responsible for the Candidate’s direction, supervision, control or compensation, and AMP is not the Candidate’s employer or co-employer with Client.  Rather, Client will be solely responsible for the Candidate’s direction, supervision, control and compensation (including directly paying wages to the Candidate), and Client understands and agrees that Client is the Candidate’s employer.  Accordingly, Client understands and agrees that Client will be responsible for all employer related taxes, withholdings, worker’s compensation insurance, obligations and requirements according to applicable law.

See our Suggested Salaries for caregivers