Temporary/On Call Babysitter



AMP’s babysitters are our career caregivers that can provide care either in the family’s home or in their own homes. Although these professionals my not have the same required training as our nannies, they offer impeccable service and are available to provide care on various shifts. These caregivers go through the same vigorous background and reference checks as our professional nannies. A face to face interview process takes place with the same intensity as does with our nanny candidates.


What AMP Looks for In It’s Caregivers

AMP won’t send anyone to your home who we haven’t sat down face to face with. We only send a caregiver who we know has the skills, experience, and desire to provide peace of mind to your family. All though we select the brightest and most experienced providers, our face to face dialogs give us an opportunity to get to know the candidate.

(7) Qualities we look for during our face to face interview:

  1. Passion – Passion can be seen through ones enthusiasm or excitement about an endeavor. We often see this once we let the candidate talk about how she or he has shined in other past positions.
  2. History – Listening to someone speak about their history gives us an idea of what they did in their past and how they did it. We look at the candidates’ history in-depth to make the match our client desires.
  3. Energy – People have different levels of energy. It can often be seen when talking or discussing matters face to face. We make sure we spend enough time to get a real good sense of the candidates’ energy level.
  4. Natural Ability – Our caregivers are also selected for their natural abilities in various things such as foreign language(s), musical ability, artistic skill, etc.
  5. Good judgment – Knowledge of what is proper or reasonable; good sense or judgement.
  6. Creativity – The art of being clever with children in particular, being good at arts and crafts and using ones imagination, cleverness, being resourceful and inspiring fun. We look for detailed examples of this from our candidate when dialoging.
  7. Exposure to cultural – Many of our caregivers have studied abroad and have been world travelers. We like to explore how this can be used to positively in a caregiving position with children.

These are some of the hallmarks we look for from our candidates.   We believe these are a few qualities that cause AMP caregivers to stand out from the rest.

To take advantage of our babysitting services, simply complete the family application, pay the required fees and the process begins to provide you with the babysitting services that you desire. See our Fees page for details on pricing.

*Hotel Sitters

*Special Event/Conferences care also available up request